We are a ‘DAO’ group aiming to establish a global platform that deals with the continuity of human characteristics in the face of futuristic humanity.

Our goal is to create three global public projects that demonstrate the idea of ​​continuity and offers active actions to realize it.

the Dust project 

Continuity to the human story.

the borders project 

Continuity to emotions related to interpersonal communication.

the womb project

Continuity to the senses of the 100% organic human body.



A  snapshot of humanity made from household dust samples.

Our vision
Is to engage families from all over the world in a unique testimony experience that fosters a sense of shared humanity.

Our mission
Is to leave a tangible record in material evidence of everyday life on Earth for future generations or extraterrestrial consciousnesses to find.

Our practice
Each dust sample is a scene
A colorful story about who we were
What we ate, where we lived, what shampoo we used, and who we loved.

the dust project from a to z in 5 minutes

Every day, we go about our lives, moving from room to room, cooking meals, spending time with loved ones, and leaving behind traces of ourselves in the form of Dust in our homes.

Fibers from our clothes, hair and nail fragments, skin cells, laundry and perfume odor molecules, pet dander, pollen, fungi, minerals, manufactured pollution...

The combination of these elements can be as unique as a fingerprint.
We invite people to transform their household dust into a unique personal story.

Dust Project’s Ignite Talk

“In 100 years from now, the archives may reach futuristic deciphering technologies that will recreate these authentic and everyday moments, including tastes, smells, and textures, into a tangible history.”
Ya’el Shatz Ben Shimol - Founder

The challenge

Ecological changes and technological innovations are changing the way we live.

If humanity and Earth were to dramatically change

How will our story be told?

Did you know you can edit your house dust sample?

"I cut my dog's hair into my dust sample and identified it by the cut in the scanning electron microscope.”

The Dust registration campaign

THE DUST archives

Participants in their homes worldwide keep the first part of each sample.
It is designed to pass from generation to generation while allowing a long-term relationship with the project.

These coded samples will serve as a unique family heirloom and one-of-a-kind data source for future comparison.

The second part of each sample is stored inside the ׳DustArk׳:
A passive satellite in the shape of the Earth with an architecture that represents the relative location of the dust samples on the globe, according to today's map.

׳DustArk׳ will be placed in orbit  >2000 km altitude above Earth for a century
and can be seen from Earth with regular telescopes.

The third part of each sample is archived with the same index as the 'DustArk, emphasizing the diversity created by the geographical location of the houses, and is hosted in the museum.

This archive will offer multiple ways to engage with the project and the participants' stories and a more accessible and centralized data source for future comparison.


Why focus on house dust?

The concept of HOME has long been embedded in human behavior; it can be seen as the foundation upon which every other aspect of human life is built.

House Dust samples provide a detailed snapshot of residents, lifestyle, and environment within this rooted context.

Skin cells, tiny hairs, and nails found in our home are a testimony to the home's residents and visitors.

Crumbs from the food we eat tell a story about our culinary choices.

The fabric from our clothes tells a story of textile and fashion.

Insects, stamens, and chemicals that enter our house from the window tell about the place in which we choose to live.

Space dust uncovers our place in the galaxy.

DUST is a concept rich in cultural and social myths throughout human history.

HOME is embedded into the physicality of the HOUSE; its relation to geo-location enables it to be the basic indexing unit for the archives.

A single sample tells the story of people. 

Many samples tell the story of a city.

As they are on the earth's map, samples from countries and continents tell a story about humanity.

Ecological changes significantly affect the environment.

Rapid technological development is changing our lifestyles.

This fascinating material encrypts our secrets from home and tells a story about our species, in one single breat


A house dust bank can provide authentic evidence of human activity and the environment at the time it was collected.

In material evidence!

The possibilities for future dust finders and future deciphering technologies are limitless and spark the imagination. 

One day, the Ark may reach futuristic deciphering technologies that will recreate moments including smells, tastes, and textures.

If humanity or the earth dramatically changes, we may be leaving behind not only names and pictures..

But also, a tangible experience from our life story

Sending a cosmic dust particle into space as an ark carrying dust samples can be like passing the stories word of mouth.

Dust is the language of the universe


The Participants' Journey

Become a part of the story of us. Learn more about the concept of household dust documentation and register free of charge to enter your dust sample per your geo-location.

Receive a personally coded envelope-sized kit for collecting and sealing your dust sample. Your code is embedded on the collection sticker and will identify the specimen with your story among the archives for years to come.

Return half of your sample to the project that will add it to the dust bank remaining on Earth and the dust bank sent into space. Join the Dust Project community that produces special events and collaborations.

Keep the other half with you. It was designed to be passed down from generation to generation as a one-of-a-kind source for the samples in the other archives, and a unique family heirloom.

Twenty years from now, look through the telescope and show your grandchildren where the other half of the sample you are passing down to them is.

A well target digital campaign will invite you to be a part of a collective experience.

An advanced digital platform will allow you to register in accordance with your mail address and receive a household dust collection kit.

1. Open the envelope.
2. Collect with a sticker from several places in the house.
3. Seal the sticker. It will not be open again.

1. Send back to the project and See your place in the ark.
2. Become a part of the dust community.

Keep part of the sample as a testimony and a memento that remains on earth.


Production Features

An international, experiential, and highly targeted
Digital campaign (“Edutainment” campaign).

A user-friendly global registration system. After address verification, each participant will have a personal area in the system that will allow them to link additional information from their story to the specimen.

Coded personal kits for optimal collection and sealing of household dust samples (A collection sticker adapted to preservation needs, storage accessories for the three parts of the specimen, and instructions for collecting a significant sample).

Logistic operation for the distribution of a million kits worldwide
Each country has a limited number of samples. The ambition is to reach homes in as many countries as possible.

An Earth-shaped passive satellite to store the samples archive (Rideshare, >2000 km altitude, biomatter is deep inside the Ark, with radiation protection, 1.40m diameter, highly-reflective exterior).

Multi-lingual and experiential explanatory system.

Pre-planned samples distribution for as diverse presentation as possible.

Envelope-sized kits containing a dust collection sticker from which a piece is taken to the ark.

An ark designed to provide the preservation conditions required for the dust samples in space over many years.

A chosen destination for the ark to be preserved for future generations or other consciousnesses to find.

A chosen destination for the ark to be preserved for future generations or other consciousnesses to find.

to tell people stories using household dust

the opportunities

Save your place at the Ark and become a part of history.
Contribute to a historical and scientific archive that will be preserved for future generations.

Be one of the unique NFT's buyers that enable the documentation of a million homes worldwide.

Get a household dust sample kit to your home and send your personal story to the future.

Be a part of the Dust Project community that produces special events, collaborations, and promotions.

Get access to the archive database and follow the project progress.